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Compucage International Inc. introduces the Compucage Spyder TS to its Award Winning Line of Enhanced Physical Security Devices.

Mississauga, ON - Compucage International Inc offers additional, robust tools in the fight against office and personal equipment theft.

Since impressing the physical security market for over 10 years with innovative products such as the Benji, T-Series and the R-8620 for computer systems, Compucage is poised to repeat the success with its newly introduced Compucage  Spyder TS.

The Compucage Spyder TS is spinning the new web in Computer Security.

   • While laptops become thinner and lighter this new product is designed to match any new model on the market, providing a strong and yet simple solution that ensures maximum protection
   • Vinyl coated to protect your notebook
   • Extra lightweight for easy portability
   • Fits into most laptop bags
   • Installs in seconds
   • Perfect for hotel, office, school, etc.
   • For peace of mind while traveling
   • Can be used in both open and closed laptop positions
   • When locked in the open position, the laptop cannot be closed, thus making it difficult for removal
   • The perfect companion to any laptop

The Compucage Spyder TS is our lightest and most portable unit in Laptop protection. Ideal for the office area, Salesperson, University Student, and the occasional traveler. Perfect for anyone that requires security in hotel rooms or on the go.  The Compucage Spyder TS is designed to lock your Laptop in the open or closed position to become a strong and effective deterrent to theft. When in the open position, not only is it non-intrusive to the display but also designed not to restrict airflow, yet provides the security that has been trademarked by the Compucage line of products. When in the closed position, the Spyder TS as with the Benji, inhibits access to the keyboard or USB, and fits easily into Laptop cases and/or bags. The adjustable size makes it very compatible with most types of Laptops and Laptop Cases.

Asked why Compucage decided to launch this product, Compucage president Steve Galant, answers: “We are dominating the physical security market because of our commitment to provide companies with the best possible solutions for securing their computing systems.  We do this by listening to the needs of our customers and by innovating. The Compucage Spyder TS is the end result of feedback from our customers who, after being very happy with our physical computer security solutions, requested that we take care of their new generation Laptops in various environments.  We are very pleased with our product design, and our test market program has yielded very positive and encouraging results.”

The Compucage Spyder TS, which offers the same dependable, rugged security as with all Compucage products, is currently available.

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