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"Group of companies Bell Canada uses Compucage's laptop security system everywhere. Our company has about 50,000 employees and we need to provide security for all laptops in offices, workstations and cars. After conducting a series of tests of various physical security systems for laptops, we chose Compucage's product as the safest and easiest to use. Currently, the protection system is used in a variety of conditions and yet no laptop has been stolen since we started using the Compucage protection system."
- Corporate Security Manager Bell Canada

"The security device works fine and everything from him is thrilled ... I put 5+"
- Senior Lieutenant of the US Army

"МWe purchased thirty T2000 devices to protect the system blocks from Compucage for the first floor of our office. They really protect against theft! Our technicians who serve computers are very pleased with how easy it is to take computers out of security systems and install them back. We are very pleased with this product and no doubt recommend it to anyone who needs to protect desktop computers."
- Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers LTD.

"Our specialists in customer relations are constantly on the road and conduct presentations for senior executives in multinational companies. After 2 separate incidents, where laptops were stolen just before a very important presentation, we contacted Compucage. Their product Benji so protects the laptop, which eliminates even the thought of theft. Benji not only helps our specialists, but also shows our customers how seriously we take security. With such protection, I will never miss a single deal."
- Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales, California Telecommunications Services Provider

"For 8 months now we have been using Benji from Compucage to protect laptops at the University of Toronto. For 8 months we did not have a single incident and we saved thousands of dollars. Benji paid off ten times. I highly recommend this excellent product."

- Manager of the University of Toronto

"Our exhibition copies of laptops constantly spoiled. People constantly moved them, they jagged and cracked, cut cables and stole laptops, removed memory modules and other spare parts from laptops, lifting them. It was no longer possible to sell such laptops and our suppliers began to doubt whether to provide us with more exhibition copies. But Compucage really helped us. Their products Benji and Benji 2 ensure the physical security of laptops in the open position and block them so that it is impossible to access the bottom and remove memory modules, DVD / CD-RW, and other spare parts. Design Benji and Benji 2 is ideal for retail. I highly recommend Compucage products."
- The owner of the regional network of computer retail stores

"The idea of ​​the foundation of Compucage appeared after a server with important information was stolen because of a low security system. We decided to use our production and engineering expertise to find a solution to ensure the safety of computers. After carrying out of set of tests, design of design Compucage has been patented. In 1999, the company Compucage Int. began to offer its solutions to ensure the physical security of computer equipment, providing the highest level of security for the rapidly growing customer market. To date, our list of clients includes large state organizations and companies included in the rating of the world's 500 largest organizations."
- Steve Galant, President of Compucage International, Inc.